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1. What to do if there is water inside the watch?

If there is only a small amount of water vapor inside the watch, the water vapor will automatically disappear over time, or wearing the watch on you wrist with upside down, Two hours later, the water vapor will automatically disappear. If there are some drops inside the watch, You should repair the watch for as soon as possible.

2. Is Automatic Mechanical watches reliable?

Fully automatic mechanical watches, relying on the motion of the arm and automatic winding, so must wear more than 8 hours a day to ensure timely and accurate. Part of the automatic mechanical watch on a chain can also manually on the chain to supplement energy, method is under the conditions of buttons don’t pull out, 15 circle clockwise. Is not automatic chain on the manual and automatic mechanical watch, cannot make up by manual chain on energy.

3. A general warning about storage:

Please keep all mechanical watches away from television, computers and other things with magnetic fields, so as not to affect the sensitive watch work.

4. What do I do if the watch don’t seem to work after I have just received it?

Try to screw the crown several times clock wise to get the spring going. You can also try to shake it to get the movement going. See video under for instructions. If it still won’t work, please contact us at contact@haiqinwatch.com