Frequently asked questions

What kind of Shipping do you offer?:

Free Shipping is offered as default. But you can choose Express Shipping at the Checkout!

  • $0 – Free Worldwide Shipping  on all products directly from the factory  in China. (Ap. 15 – 30 working days).*
  • $0 – Free Europe Shipping  from our European warehouse will always be a priority if in stock. (Ap. 7 – 14 working days).
  • Express Worldwide Shipping . (Ap. 7 – 14 working days).**

*Free Shipping is not really free. It is rather a standard shipping cost that is included into the price.

Do you offer world wide shipping?:

Yes we do, except for the following countries and continents: Africa, India, Iran, Turkey, Myanmar, Mongolia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Syria, North Korea.

We also cannot offer free shipping to the following countries: Liechtenstein, Serbia.

We cannot offer Express Shipping to: Russia, Timor-Leste.

More countries may be added as we go. If you live in any of these countries, feel free to contact us for any questions.

Covid-19 & Shipping Delays:

COVID-19: Has caused a lot of problems for the industry, with longer delays for freight, especially free shipping from China.

Lately we have also seen an increased cost for Express Shipping because of more restrictions due to the covid virus.

Do I have to pay tax?:

We are required by law to collect tax from the following countries: USA (0%-13%), New Zealand (15%) Norway (25%) and Australia (10%), Great Britain (20%). 

From 1 July 2021, Pagani Design generally will need to collect VAT (Import Tax) on all sales of goods delivered to EU consumers, including circumstances where goods are delivered from outside of the EU or where goods are shipped from within EU where the seller is established outside the EU. The 27 member states are free to set their standard VAT rates. See the Vat list of Here! The EU Vat Rules are Here!

For all the other countries there might be import tax and so on but nothing added to the price from us. Import tax and duties is something the buyer has to check with their own countries. 

Check out the US Staes in question here!

Most of the US States require pre-paid taxes except for a few. See the list of states Here!

Do you offer Tracking?:

Yes and as soon as we ship your order, we will send you a follow-up email with tracking information. If you have not received your tracking mail, please contact us on [email protected] In such case you may also want to check your spam folder. You can also find the tracking number in My account<Order<ViewTrack

Read more about it in Customer Support!

What is your warranty?

We offer 1 Year Warranty for all Pagani Design Watches!

Read more about it in Customer Support!

What do I do if there is a problem with a watch?:Please contact us at [email protected] and we will find a solution that will satisfy you as a customer. This might be to replace the watch with a new or a complete refund. The Warranty period is for 12 Months.

Read more about it in Customer Support!

How does Returns work?:

If there is an issue with the product itself, due to defects in materials or craftsmanship, please Support right away so we may replace it for you. All returns must include:

  • The product it self.
  • The box and all the package it came with (unless we tell you other vice).
  • The invoice / packing slip with order number and your address.

Return Address?:

Please contact us to get the correct return address! 

Sometimes packages might be opened by costumes and repackaged so the return address on the package might be wrong, so don’t use it and get a verification from us!

Why is it necessary to return a broken watch?:

  • Evidence that there is something wrong with the product. (Though we may accept pictures and videos too).
  • The product still has value and can be disassembled and used for parts. 
  • We also have a warranty on the parts we use in our products and would like a refund on damaged parts too such as defect movements etc.

How does Refund work?:

Once we receive your returned item, we will start the refund process, which may take up to 10 business days to clear and even longer to appear on bank or credit card statements.

What is Homage?:

A homage watch is basically a timepiece that somehow imitates famous, authentic ones but is sold at a fraction of the cost. Homage watches are considered more affordable alternatives to luxury brands which typically have high price tags not everybody can afford.

Homage watches are not fakes or replicas since they maintain their own identity even though they incorporate a few of the design features found on luxury watches. These alternative accessories give you the same vibe as that of the luxury watches they’re paying their tribute to.

Explain Water Resistance?:

  • 3 ATM: Water Drops  |  Mild Rain
  • 5 ATM: Water Drops  |  Mild Rain  |  Shower
  • 10 ATM: Water Drops  |  Mild Rain  |  Shower  |  Swimming
  • 20ATM: Water Drops  |  Mild Rain  |  Shower  |  Swimming  |  Scuba Diving

What do I do if I get some water inside my watch?

If there is only a small amount of water vapor inside the watch, the water vapor will automatically disappear over time. Wearing the watch on you wrist with upside down for about two hours will also help the water vapor to disappear. However if there are some drops inside the watch, you should take it to a watchmaker as soon as possible.

What does it mean that a watch model is Discontinued?:

It means that this model is no longer produced and we will eventually run out of stock.

There could be many reasons for discontinuing a model. It could be because this watch was not popular. It could mean the technology is old and a better version is made. What we do see is that discontinued watches, especially among the luxury brands, will get more value as they become harder to find.

Will you do Drop shipping?:

We can do drop shipping. We just wont give out any discounts. But we will ship any product to the shipping address our customers put in. If that happens to be your own customer doesn’t matter to us. 

Do you have Sale?:

Yes, we always have some sale on products.

What is Frequently Asked Questions?:

Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.) is pre-written questions and answers that is most common for our customers to ask us. So instead of asking us the same questions as other have done previously, you may read about them here. 

I have more questions!?:

If you can’t find the answer your looking for in Frequently Asked Questions, feel free to contact us at: [email protected]